5 Reasons Why Ferrets Make Good Pets

World Rabies Day is a day to help save the lives of our beloved pets. This campaign started in 2007 and has helped educate about 55 million people about the effects of rabies and what can be done to prevent it. This campaign has also helped to provide 1.5 million animals the rabies vaccine to help prevent rabies. Veterinarians are the prime source to helping educate the public on this life threatening problem. By pet owners being educated, they are not only helping their pet to not contract rabies but also helping stop themselves from getting it as well. Humans can get rabies and die just as animals.

Side to Side: Make sure both sides of the backpack are evenly weighted. If you do not, your puppy will start walking in circles. (Not really, but it’s not beneficial for the backpack to become uneven).

The FURminator deshedding tool is a special type of blade which comes with an ergonomic grip handle. The blade looks more like a set of clippers, but they are not used to clip hair. It works more like a comb. To use the FURminator, all you need to do is glide it across the coat of your pet. As you glide it across the coat, it will pull all the dead and loose hair from the undercoat and leave the topcoat conditioned.

elevated dog feeding bowls seat covers are specially designed to protect your upholstery from sharp paws and teeth, while ensuring a slip-free ride for your pets. They prevent your dogs from sliding off the seat every time you stop at a traffic signal. Padded with waterproof cushions, they ensure a safe journey for your dogs without any damage to your automobile.

DOGS do the same thing. When a dog is wrestled onto its back or flops over in front of another, it is in a submissive position, meaning that the other dog is the “top dog”. Since this is how DOGS are used to playing, inevitably, your dog will play with you in this way. While this is a great way to bond with your dog, the nipping behavior can worry your neighbors and worse, call the police on you.

One of the problems for the pet food industry is that they purchase pet food ingredients from other sources outside of the U.S., such as China. It’s been stated that the ingredients that were sold to the pet food makers, as wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate were contaminated with an industrial chemical known as melamine. I remember melamine dishes in the late 50’s. Unbreakable and hard.This chemical makes the food appear much richer in protein. We must assume that these pet food makers would not intentionally allow this to happen if they had known about it. Why don’t they get a supplier of these ingredients in the U.S? Why do the ingredients in our pets processed foods have to come from China or anywhere else outside of the U.S?

When you take the time to build a valuable relationship with your dog, you are investing in a task that will reward you for years to come. Enjoy the great feeling of love and admiration that emanates from your pup and experience the type of dog everyone wants to have.

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5 Reasons Why Ferrets Make Good Pets

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