Air Compressors – Buying One In 5 Easy Steps

No motor home is really complete without adding some extras. Searching motor home accessories and parts may prove to be a tedious task especially if you don’t know where to search. There are so many dealers and manufacturers that offer automotive supplies and various types of automotive accessories. And most of them have web sites which you can conveniently search online.

Filling tires with air.Whether you own a 4×4, a car, or a bike, you will eventually need to fill up your tires. While it is fairly easy for some of us to go to the nearest gas station to fill up our air with a tank-full of gas, it can cause problems in cold air areas where these tanks are often frozen when you need them the most. When this happens, you can turn to your own compressor for the security you need to know that your tires will never be flat.

Larger air compressors require you to do some basic assembly. This usually amounts to attaching a handle on the back, maybe a couple wheels on the other end, and a few rubber feet. One thing to remember when doing this is to make sure there is a small tilt toward the drain valve. screw air compressors build up moisture during use that has to be drained out of the tank every time you are finished using it. Doing so will help insure that rust and corrosion doesn’t shorten the life of the tank.

Evaluate the requirements of the air tools that you will use. You need to know the particular pressure and volume requirements of the tools that you will use with your 12v air compressor. Different tools have different psi requirement that is why it is imperative that you know how much “pressure” you need. For instance, if you will use your air compressor for air brushing, then you need a 12v air compressor with a 5 liter tank capacity and at least 30 psi of sustained air pressure.

To maximise space away from the elements and prying eyes why not install an undercover storage skirt in the area under your bunks. It attaches to the bottom of your folding camping trailer’s bunk area and when you’re ready to go, packs away into a small storage bag.

When buying a cordless nail gun, consider the speed of nail fire, the exhaust, how it efficiently clears a jam, depth-adjust, triggers, the accessory cases, air connectors, safety precautions of the tool, and nail sizes.

Once you own your air compressor, you can determine various other uses for it – removing leaves from gutters, clearing out crawl spaces, cleaning tools and more.

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Air Compressors – Buying One In 5 Easy Steps

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