Are You Asking Yourself: Can I Save My Marriage Alone?

You are not on very good terms with your wife recently. You also realize it is not easy to communicate with her as well and she seems not to love you as much as before. “Will my wife ever love me again if I apologize non-stop? Or if I keep swearing to her that I will change? You think of whatever “If I” that you could come out with. However, some actions and words will actually stop her from loving you.

The second most important point to note down on the checklist is the number of guests to be invited. Apart from not missing any dear ones, this helps you in judging your budget, as well. This again needs to be discussed in the same meeting you called for finalizing the date. Once you know your budget, you can go for a wedding cost list that holds all the information regarding the venue, its decoration, the wedding attire, food items to be served including cocktails and mock- tails, the music and other sources of entertainment, if any, for the guests. Not only this, you should also plan for the post-muslim marriage events birmingham events like reception and honeymoon in your list. This ensures, that you don’t miss on anything even after the wedding.

Are you a super supporter of what your mate does and says? So do you cheer them on and praise them constantly? Or do they always hear boos or silence?

The second thing is that you need to consider comfort which is vital, but don’t forget to consider the aptitude for fashion. Such shoes that fit with your dress and your personality must be selected by you carefully. It is usually recommended that you always select a couple of wedding shoes that look decent and makes you feel wonderful.

Today on Sunday, I will be a peacemaker. I will not quarrel or fight with my wife/husband. Today I will find one or more ways in which I can bring contentment and peace into my muslim marriage events.

How many times will swearing work? Once or twice? Pure determination to change bad ways is through actions and not just by saying. If you have been swearing many times that you will change and have not done so, do you think your wife will still believe?

Today on Thursday, I will find one or more biblical ways to enhance my marriage. What would God want me to do for my marriage today? How can I make my wife/husband feel good about who they are? How can I make them happy?

Strive to be best friends with your spouse. After-all you guys are team mates, and you should be able to share serious moments and joyous occasions together. Do your best to loosen up, show your spouse that you still know how to have fun, and you want to have fun with them.

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Are You Asking Yourself: Can I Save My Marriage Alone?

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