Board Games – Why It Pays To Play Designer Board Games

Having fun with your child over the summer doesn’t have to be a grueling battle over what to do and how to keep them satisfied. Here are some sure fire ways to have extra fun with your kids, while keeping them safe and safer on your wallet too.

Unless you are investing with a very small and forgettable amount of money, you want to protect your equity. A good way to protect yourself from losing most or all of your investment is to set a stop loss. You should set a stop loss at a point where you would be losing 15-20% of your total investment. Although it is very important to invest for the long term and keep your money in your investments, a loss has to stop somewhere. I have had positions fall 60% in the matter of a week or two simply because I did not set a stop-loss. Then I face the tough challenge of whether to hold on and pray that it rebounds or sell and take a substantial loss.

If you are investing in stocks to become instantly rich, then you will soon learn that this is not an easy task. Even the best company’s stock can suffer during a recession. Investing long term will help to balance out the bad times with the good times. Don’t buy a stock because it will go up today, buy a stock because it will succeed over the next 10 years. If you think long term when making your selections, you are already ahead of most beginning investors.

When was the last time your family planned for and went on a picnic rather than stopping for a quick fast food meal? I’m sure the first time you have your family picnic someone will forget to pack the mustard or something else. Oh well, the fun will be in planning a healthy and fun outing. Maybe pick a location at a nearby state park where you can dangle your feet in the water or take a walk. Now you are helping to create cherished memories for your children.

Clue is yet another classic Pancake flipping that has been around for decades. It is a whodunit mystery game where players must discover the identity of a murderer. Not to worry though, it’s not a graphic game so children around the age of eight and up can participate.

Tip: Use a count down timer that beeps instead of the sand timer that’s included in the game. Usually everyone is so involved in the game that no one watches the timer.

As we rush around in our normal frenetic pace it is worthwhile to keep in mind that in the future your children will be adults looking back on their life. What kind of childhood memories do you want to help create for them? I love this quote by Charles Swindoll “Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” Let these memories be so special that your children will want to share them with their children.

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Board Games – Why It Pays To Play Designer Board Games

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