Broken Iphone 3G Glass Touch Screen Solutions

Since the iPhone was released it has revolutionized how we view cell phones. The iPhone is one of the great inventions that we have seen in modern times. However, as nice as iPhones are they do run into issues every so often. It is good to know what the most common issues are that you might run into when you have a new iPhone. It’s also good to know how to repair these issues as fast as possible when they come up.

There are online auction sites that can provide the best deals. If you want to have cheaper deals with iPhone, you have to consider online auction sites. It can offer the best way for you to have the cheapest deals for the phone you want. Nevertheless, it is a must to make transactions with reputable sites.

It isn’t hard to learn to replace the glass on the iPhone. However, don’t try to tell the average person it’s not hard! This works to our advantage because most people are too scared to learn what they think is a difficult skill. It isn’t easy to learn to do it correctly, but it’s not rocket science, and it doesn’t involve “knowing electronics”, like most people think!

How will find a used iPhone? Your best bet is to search Craigslist. It may be tempting to buy from an individual. If you do, meet them in a very public place with good lighting, such as in front of a police station. A safer option may be to find a reputable iPhone repair Flower Mound TX shop which has a used iPhone for sale. A real shop will offer a real warranty including parts and labor for a period of at least 10 days, and up to 90 days.

Very few people are able to repair the iPhone 4 after watching a video. New technicians learn while being watched by an experienced technician for eight weeks. The iPhone 4 interior is packed with delicate connectors. Make one wrong move and you no longer have a phone – you’ll have a paper weight because it is so easy to damage the mother board, which is the heart of the phone. There are 18 screws to remove. Each must go back in the right place. If one screw is placed wrong, the phone won’t work. The 3G and the 3GS models are easier, but you can still destroy your iPhone with one false move.

At this point, the first thing to think about is what makes you happy in a general sense. If you love your flower garden, find a wholesale source for potted plants, buy a used U-Haul style truck, and find a great swap meet to attend like a clock, every Saturday. Build out your plant business from there. You won’t get rich but you’ll be happy.

The key is practice. Advertise for broken iPhones. Order the parts, and practice. Re-sell the repaired iPhones. Just keep learning. Learning is earning. Like my 5th grade teacher said: “Scott, the easiest way is not always the best way.” Most of all, have fun doing it! Next?

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Broken Iphone 3G Glass Touch Screen Solutions

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