Do It Yourself Lcd Monitor Repair

The complaint for this DELL E152Fpb LCD Monitor was when switched on has power (LED lit) but no display. LCD Monitor is different from the CRT Monitor where you could feel the static at the front of the picture tube or hear the rushing sound from the high voltage produced by the flyback transformer. In LCD, if no display you won’t be able to know if the inverter board is working or not unless you use an oscilloscope to point near the inverter board and the scope could display a waveform indicating the inverter board is functioning.

Just think these transistors like horizontal output transistor (HOT) in the CRT monitor that drive the flyback transformer where it worked so hard and chances for it to breakdown is very high. Checking the four transistors off board found one of them have a shorted reading with an ohmmeter.. This transistor can get faulty by itself or it could be some others components that caused it to develop a short circuit such as a defective high voltage transformer but all of the four high voltage transformers checked to be okay with ringer and ohmmeter test.

But what do you make when you want to trouble-shoot monitor? Do you trouble-shoot yourself or do you choose a صيانة تلفزيونات سامسونج technician to solve on the problem for you? The response is which you can decide on either 1. If you’re careful, you are able to attempt to fix the difficulty yourself.

You see, I came across this downloadable repair guide and it helped me solve lots of LCD monitor problems. What’s great about it is that it contains a ton of step-by-step pictures so a hardcore visual learner like yours truly can follow along easily.

There are two options for you: Either you change the whole panel or go to the LCD controller board, and try reflowing the controller ic. See if that works.

The power supply circuit board must be removed before you can replace the capacitors. You must open your monitor and examine the capacitors on the power supply board. Each monitor will have a power supply circuit board. Each monitor model will have a slightly different board. They all look about the same. Some have more capacitors, some have less. Most all LCD monitors have a large 400v capacitor. These rarely go bad.

If you are unsuccessful one more choices is deciding on a Monitor professional. Most solutions are simple like dry joints, while others may possibly be far more extensive trouble-shooting and component replacement. It is much better to ask for an quotation on the repair job so that it is possible to determine no matter whether or not you should buy a new monitor instead. Now, new monitors are affordable or just slightly than expert’s repair services. In case you pay far more for your monitor, then you may think about the second option.

Don’t waste a minute regretting the past or letting someone’s words pull you down into shame. Loving family and good friends will help you keep your perspective, and keeping your eyes on the needs of others will do the same. I wish you well.

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Do It Yourself Lcd Monitor Repair

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