Does God Still Speak To Us?

My wife Jill is an Avatara; a person chosen by the Divine to deliver messages for the betterment of mankind. Here she is, trance-channelling a message from the Voice of god:- Archangel Metatron.

So prophesy according to your faith is dependent on your faith. Many people might be able to deliver a prophecy to a person at the front of a line for prayer in a church when they can see the person and the Lord can impress something on your spirit. But to get a message for a total stranger on the web takes a bit of faith and yet God rewards the faith.

My work is to help the continuance of the human race. The only way to ensure this, is through the development and nourishment of children. For anyone who shall harm a child of God shall upon the day of judgement be cast out and PRAYER ONLINE forbidden to enter the Kingdom of God.

Do you want to be a true lover? Do you want to fly on a lover’s wings? Then allow God to live in your life. He is the source of your nourishment and wealth. Cultivate an ever-growing relationship with Him by spending your time with Him in prayer, reading and studying His Word. It is only the presence of God in your life that makes all the differences. When you keep God first, you will be amazed at what He will do for you. Do not forget that the proof of love is not in spoken words, it is embedded in action. It is the love that God has for us that made Him to take such a great action on our behalf – giving His only Son Jesus as a sacrifice for our salvation! Your services to God or man will carry greater rewards only when they are done out of a genuine love (John 3:16).

Eleven years ago, Kim began looking for an exercise program that would help her get fit and lose weight all while keeping her interest. Kim admits that she would not stick to anything for long. She would either get bored or frustrated and before long would be moving onto something else. That is until she began boxing. Kim fell in love with the sport and could not get enough. “One day, I remember being in class and being really happy. I remember offering up a chevrah lomdei mishna of thanksgiving. I was so grateful that I had found it and was able to do it.” After seven years of training, she became an instructor. Three years ago, Kim received her black belt in JKD concepts – Bruce Lee’s methodology.

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? I do not mean to sit at your desk and wolf down a tuna sandwich or a yogurt cup. I think we all deserve to take an actual work break at the lunch break time. If it is a nice day by all means take the opportunity to have your lunch outside on a park bench, or a picnic table in your company’s yard. At the least, sit in your car, open the windows and enjoy the change of scenery. If you feel like you need a little exercise, then take a quick walk around the block after you eat. Or maybe you prefer to take a quick walk before you eat. Either way is good. Remember, eating lunch will help you get through the rest of the day. The body needs food in order to function.

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