Dog Training The Easy Way (Part I Of Ii)

Remember that you must respect your dog’s boundaries. The fact is that you cannot change a dog from being a dog. Your dog does not speak English, and you cannot rationalize his behavior with him. Some dogs will have issues so severe that you can only minimize the impact of the issue on their lives. Consult with a trainer about your dog’s specific limitations, and what you can reasonably expect.

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This technique can be used if you are putting your pet into a crate or if you want to get your pet to use a dog ramp. Most dogs will understand how to use a dog ramp but make sure you praise them when they have finished using the dog ramp.

Become the apprentice of an experienced dog trainer. This might be the best way to gain hands-on experience and become a dog trainer… if you are lucky to find a good professional trainer. This could be even better than attending schools for dog trainers.

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Catch your dog in the act. This is one of the most important rules to house train your dog. If you are training your dog to not go to the toilet inside you need to catch your dog in the act. Even if it means following them around the house.

Learning to communicate with your dog is an essential part of dog training. You should be able to identify your dog’s body movements to help you know how your dog feels. Is it scared? Does it feel threatened or hurt? These signs will help you understand your dog better and help you assess whether you’re making a point and teaching him or scaring him away.

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Dog Training The Easy Way (Part I Of Ii)

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