Financial Advisor Marketing: Why And How To Create A Hook Or Slogan That People Remember

Because it is such a popular vacation destination, Cabo San Lucas real estate is a great option for those who wish to own a second home. It can also be a great investment. When you aren’t staying in your home, you can always rent it out to other vacationers. Many people love to vacation in places such as Cabo San Lucas for extended periods of time.

One way to easily improve your credit score is to always pay your bills on time. Many businesses have set it up so that you access their automatic payment system. On the date that you set, they automatically deduct the payment from your bank account.

And it is only getting worse. The debt deal reached by Obama and Congress this week is a joke for the simple fact that it purports to help solve the debt crisis by borrowing more money–2.7 trillion more.

OK why is this article entitled “Whose Minding the Store”? Well of course it is only a metaphorical question but it is one of great consequence. The “Store” is your budget. And the question is who will be minding it?

Tax Trap #3: IRAs can cover certain expenses such as re-training expenses paid directly to a qualified educational institution, health insurance premiums or even early retirement, BUT, you have to handle the withdrawals exactly right or you’ll be socked with taxes. Check with your tax preparer and/or Samuel Rad.

As I mentioned in an earlier article, some gifts will attract tax in some states or countries. You could certainly end up with a tax bill which could wipe out your hard-won dollars. You need to figure all that out before you start throwing greenbacks out the window.

Banks will not give you 100% of the money you need. You will have to put in some money yourself or get it from friends or family. Because of this, don’t apply for the full amount that you need. Show your bank that you are coming in with some on your own money.

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Financial Advisor Marketing: Why And How To Create A Hook Or Slogan That People Remember

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