Finding The Courage To Become A Life Coach

There’s a book I’ve been reading for over a year. It’s less than 300 pages, which means it should be a book that I have easily read in a weekend. Not so much. I keep beginning the book over and over again. Several times it has hit me right between the eyes, or more accurately, it has hit the mark of my heart. I’m working on it again and this time I’m making much more progress.

You can earn money be selling your stuff online. Everyone is familiar with eBay. You just have to make a list of stuff that you do not need at your home and sell them off on websites like eBay.

You can also blog and get paid. The trick to making money blogging is knowing how to use keywords and build very polished content. The idea is that your content needs to stand out above the thousands life coaching online of other bloggers out there.

Benefit #2.) With email coaching, you also get a chance to write out your emotions. With my clients, I ask specific open-ended questions and assign “homework” each day (or every few days) to allow you to think, write, reflect and write some more, and then send me your responses. After you have had a chance to really get your guts out on paper (well, on computer screen), you can re-read your own answers and learn so much about yourself. After I respond to your emails, you will get even more insight and a fresh perspective on things you once thought had no other way to be viewed. Writing down your ideas, thoughts & feelings is therapeutic in itself.

Even though, it may be your strength that is helping the people at first, you should never allow them to feel that you are stronger or superior to them. A icf coaching certification singapore career needs a humble nature, but that attitude comes with rewards that are greater than what most of the people are able to receive with any other job. This kind of career coaching is gaining huge popularity in new york. You will find number of life coach in new york city that are helping the people in their lives.

The Dip will give you stories, ideas and tools to help others to go through this process. And heck, as you move forward on your own coaching practice, the concepts that Seth brings up will help you to do the same for yourself!

Consider alternative ways to accomplish your goal – Work with children? Adopt? Babysit your friends’ kids, volunteer for a charity that helps children, become the greatest Aunt or Uncle ever, consider (intentionally) dating someone who has kids, become a foster parent, etc., I know a man who donated an organ in order to fulfill his want to leave a legacy. Let your heart open and your mind meander as you consider ways to achieve your desired outcome. Is having your own biological child the only way? If so, go to a doctor and find out exactly how possible or not possible it is. Look your options square in the face and truly consider them. If you’re serious, get serious.

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Finding The Courage To Become A Life Coach

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