Hair Care Ayurvedic Tips For Hair Loss

An illness is something that can cause sudden hair loss in children. This can be a situation that is stressful to the child and the parents. Who wants to see their own little girl losing her gorgeous hair because of an illness? If you or someone you know has experienced this, then you are familiar with the stark reality of children having to deal with sudden hair loss. The key is to remain strong and to not let your child know that the problem has a huge effect on you. Children depend on adults for support and strength so you have to maintain a strong front even if you feel bad about it.

Children’s trichotillomania – is the compulsive twirling or pulling of the hair, resulting in patches of hair loss. It can be diagnosed by watching your child closely if he or she starts to develop irregular patches of baldness. Trichotillomania may include the pulling of eyebrows and lashes. The hair loss is usually in the form of broken hair of different lengths patchy. This type of loss usually resolves itself.

Fat Hair- This is a product that is very popular and carries a wide variety of natural hair regrowth products. You will find products such as pomade, hair sprays, thickening mousse, conditioners and creams that promote hair growth and eliminate children with hair loss.

Locks of Love is a another not-for-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under the age of 18 with medical hair loss. These custom-fitted hair prosthetics are provided free of charge or on a sliding scale to children whose families meet the Locks of Love Board of Directors guidelines. Donors provide the hair, volunteers staff the office, and the manufacturer hand-assembles each piece, which requires approximately four months. Locks of Love accepts 10″ minimum hair length (tip to tip), colored/highlighted accepted and can be found on the web at Locks of Love. Hair can be mailed to: Locks of Love, 2925 10th Ave. North, Ste. 102, Lake Worth, FL 33461.

Helping your child deal with sudden hair loss also involves distracting him or her from the subject of hair. You can do this by doing dress-up games. Buy some fancy hats, caps, and berets which your child can put on at home or in places that you go to. Let your child know that they can play a character by simply wearing a hat that resembles it. If your child wants to be a pirate during the day, let him or her put on the pirate hat. After being introduced to hats, your child can be better able to handle his or her sudden hair loss.

The thyroid gland can get out of sync and either is underactive or overactive. When this happens your hair can fall out in large amounts. The good new is your doctor can prescribe a medication to control the thyroid and restore balance. This will stop the excessive loss of hair.

Apart from telling encouraging stories with bald characters as the heroes, if you have a little girl, you should not be telling them fairytale stories that involve princess with long and lovely hair – at least until your girl’s condition improves. Do not tell her stories of Rapunzel and her long locks of hair.

As of 2004, scientists have discovered a way to multiply hair as a hair loss treatment. It basically consists of taking stem cells from healthy hairs, multiplying them, and implanting them into dead zones; reason why this treatment is also called hair cloning. Nonetheless, progress on this new treatment for hair loss has been very slow and the first products are estimated to hit the market by 2009 or 2010.

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Hair Care Ayurvedic Tips For Hair Loss

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