Hellsing Episode 10: Master Of Monster

Ninja Destiny 2, a new 3D game is launched which is full of new features and stages. Each stage comprises of a new challenge and it also provides new characters to unlock. The teleporting provided is good and attracts the players.

Villains in tokusatsu shows really should attack while the heroes are posing and calling out their names. To be fair, the heroes can attack the villains while they’re giving a dramatic speech describing how evil they are and how insignificant the heroes are compared to them.

Next was Casey James. While he was waiting for Ryan to interview him, Harry got in Casey’s face and urged him, “Don’t screw it up.” Casey shared a funny story about a friend who doesn’t realize he’s on this show, who asked him to help out with a gig. Casey looks up to Harry and loves his sense of humor. Harry, contradicting his own advice, said that for Casey, “It wasn’t about the lyrics. Sometimes it’s about the groove.” For his selection, Casey went with “Blue Skies,” wearing a purple shirt and charcoal vest, his hair pulled back, which made him look a lot like Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. He started a little slow but then picked up the vibe, wearing a big smile throughout. He was a bit stiff, clearly out of his element.

With the first few offerings of songs, people joyfully sang along to these songs. You realize that whatever FLOW has done, they have struck a cord with these followers. At one point of the set, Keigo begins to chant “All for one and one for all”. A phrase immortalized with the Three Musketeers (Les Trois Mousquetaires). A French novel by Alexandre Dumas.

In regards to organization, I have to give them an “A”. There were people at the booths and they knew what to say and do. The organizers and their volunteers were there the entire time to answer questions and to help out.

The desktop is similar to WinXP. There are choices of desktop backgrounds, two of which seemed to be from anime to watch, targeted to pre-teens or early teens. Applications open quickly. Browsing is reasonably quick.

His more recent work involves the new Superman: Doomsday DVD and the up coming Justice League: New Frontier and also Teen Titans: Judas Contract. Justice League: New Frontier will be based on the Mini Series DC: New Frontier. It will explore the DC Universe in 1950s era at the end of the Korean War and over lay the DC history around that time. It will also feature DC Heroes from the era but may have been forgotten by time and constant rebooting of the universe.

In the year 200x, we have the greatest introduction to a video game ever. Kind of like Batman standing atop a gargoyle perched on a building, Mega Man stands tall, sans helmet (which was mind blowing at the time), and ready to throw.

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Hellsing Episode 10: Master Of Monster

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