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It is a daunting task when you are a first time dad to be. You have to stop holding out for a brand new car and you definitely forfeit a lot of your game time on the golf course. Sometimes you ask yourself whether you are insane for agreeing to go through with a pregnancy. Worse, you start to wonder whether you’ve gotten the right girl pregnant as you see the woman you love change right before your eyes.

Spend a few minutes and think about the women who bless you, support you, stand by you, encourage you, and tell it to you straight. These thoughts alone are boosting your feel good hormones and in turn your overall health. Who knew just loving the women we love could do all of that?

Women’s hormones, those that affect everything we do and don’t do, our health, our eating, sleeping, sexual desire, giving, receiving–you name it–are constantly in flux, more volatile than a man’s. Few men can truly understand this never mind keep up with it. Yet we often feel guilty about hanging with our women or skipping exercise to sit on the phone when a far away friend calls.

Well now there is research from the Mayo Clinic telling us that optimists live both better and longer than pessimists. When a group of people were followed over a thirty-year period it was found that attitude and outlook influenced health. Those people with more positive testosteron attitudes were happier healthier and living longer. Those with negative pessimistic attitudes were not only more unhappy but had a 19% greater risk of premature death. Attitudes are important.

HGH or human Growth Hormone is considered as the vital hormone for your body. It is so because it is the major hormone which is helpful in maintaining your health as well as liveliness. It is a hormone which is created by the pituitary gland of the most important organ of your body i.e. the brain. In several researches it is revealed that the growth of human growth hormone decreases as one passes the age of 20. HGH facts also reveal that that after the age of 30 one starts to loose his/her acceleration of doing any kind of work. It is just because of less release of HGH.

One exercise only per muscle group. This is very easy to follow and is also important. Doing basic exercises which are also intense means you do not have to do another different exercise for that body part.

If this was a discussion about fine automobiles and we were to admire the precision workings of the motor we might say an engineer designed the motor brilliantly. However in the context of evolutionary thought the term designed should never be used to describe the human body or any of its inner workings. Does that seem a bit peculiar?

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