How Do I Choose A Wedding Photographer?

March 9 is Barbie’s birthday. Celebrate the introduction of this famous children’s toy back in 1959 with a Barbie birthday party your kids will love. Decorate with pink and encourage all your little guests to dress their best and make Barbie proud on her birthday.

Twitter Links Plus+ is another plugin used to integrate the wonder of Twitter and the awesome goodness of WordPress. It looks for Twitter usernames mentioned in posts, pages and comments, and then converts that Twitter name to a link to their profile page. This means that if Sally123 comments on your blog and you reply @Sally123, Twitter Links will convert that to a link to Sally’s userpage on Twitter. Overall, it’s a nifty little tool, especially if you already see a lot of crossover between your blog and your Twitter account.

Newborn and/or baby photo service – yes, there are lots of baby Renwick gallery Washington dc out there, but there are so many babies. Many parents of babies, especially newborns are some of the busiest people on the planet. What you have to do is find a way to get in front of them with your services.

Pet Graduations – Sticking with the pet theme, contact the local dog training schools to see if you can be on hand at the end of the class. Pet owners are as crazy as parents about having great photos of their “babies”. Make sure you have some type of backdrop handy to make your photo more professional looking and get rid of the background distractions like fences and buildings. If you are really ambitious, you can have a backdrop made that has the feel of a college graduation.

Look, in this lousy economy, trying to land new clients is even tougher than it was 9 months ago. People’s budgets are tighter. Businesses are bringing their projects in-house. Families are postponing things like family portraits. New brides who might have had a $3,000 photo budget one year ago might only have $750 today. And so on.

Try to avoid including an overcast sky in your shots. If too much gray sky is in your picture, it will look muted and bland. Pictures in black and white are better if shot under overcast skies. If the day is not overcast, you can show as much of the sky as you want to, but make sure you are attentive to the lighting.

It’s important to organize this well in advance. If it is possible, send your guests an invitation to take pictures along with your main wedding invitations. Ask those who have digital cameras if they could help take pictures. People love to take pictures at weddings. If you feel it is in bad taste to ask people to share their photographs on the invitation itself then you can certainly ask them in the followup email if you asked people to RSVP by email. This is probably the fastest way to get people to respond to your invitation. In your followup email you can specify whether you’d like to borrow the pictures or borrow the digital photo files. Most everybody with a camera would love to help out. Printing hundreds of pictures from your friends can still be more economical than hiring a photographer.

You can check out an example at Smallfox Photography and see if you like the result. However, as I said, there are many, many hosts to choose from and it is worth shopping around. Do you want to upgrade to a paid site in the future? You will get your own domain name and email accounts for the site and many other benefits, so it is worth looking at just what benefits you will get when you sign up and how much it will cost you.

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How Do I Choose A Wedding Photographer?

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