How To Avoid Getting Sued Over Old Credit Card Debt

The Lighthouse of Alexandria is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and was once the largest known building on the planet. We do not know everything there is to know about the Lighthouse of Alexandria, but what we do know is impressive. It was a beacon like no other (at the time) and possibly the first lighthouse in the world. This impressive construction was also known as the Pharos of Alexandria. Pharos was the name of the island on which is stood.

Create Controversy. Everyone pays attention to controversy and many times they will want to participate in the discussion, take a position, etc. This technique is a way to easily grab attention and build rapport with an audience. For instance, one can say, “I have a saying about the eyes. Eyes are windows to cash.” This will instantly cause controversy because everyone has heard the saying how eyes are the windows to the soul. The audience will want to know where the speaker is coming from with this. A word of caution here is needed. When creating controversy, make sure it doesn’t offend people’s culture and isn’t offensive. You don’t want to create World War III!

In February of 1993, MGM celebrated a topping off ceremony with the placement of the last panel of glass hoisted onto the 30-story hotel tower. 5,005 green balloons were released, each of which contained a gift certificate valid for one complimentary stay in a room.

No resolution? Take the high ground. Don’t escalate, don’t sit silently burning angry thoughts through your brain. Go somewhere else and do something else (read, write a letter to that person which you’ll never show them, light said letter on fire in a non-flammable container preferably outside, blog about the experience even if you save it as ‘Private’), but not before saying “I’ve made my points, I had hoped we’d resolve this, and if you want to discuss it more, we can. Until then, I’ll be [going for a walk, sleeping on the couch, waiting for your call, in the other room; sculpting a greek statue of you with bananas sticking out of your eye sockets and nostrils].” Maybe don’t use the last example in that quote.

Kayotsarga has two implications–complete relaxation of the body and self-awareness. For achieving complete relaxation of the body, mentally divide it into several parts and concentrate your mind on each part of the body one by one, from feet to head. Allow your mind to spread in the whole part–allow it to undertake a trip in the whole part; use the technique of auto-suggestion to relax the whole part and experience the resulting relaxation. Experience that each and every muscle, each and every nerve has become relaxed. And in the same way attain, the relaxation of the whole body. Use deep concentration and remain completely alert. Practice Kayotsarga.

They were insulted that anyone would think that one of the legislators would take the visit to the school as their opportunity to promote abortion. The kids were angrier then I had ever seen them. One asked about Rocko. I told them what I witnessed in the parking lot. They knew how he felt. They had seen the changes in him.

This is just a short list, but these are the main areas you need to consider. Most people think that if the debt is old enough it will just go away. The truth is you owe the money to you either pay or it is wiped out by bankruptcy. Also, it is almost impossible to get a mortgage when you have old unpaid accounts on your credit report. So paying them is an obligation you need to realize. Also, it is the final piece in rebuilding your credit.

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How To Avoid Getting Sued Over Old Credit Card Debt

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