Identity Theft Epidemic – Is Your Money Safe?

Are you currently looking for a quick way to raise some cash online? Maybe you have a bill to pay, or something you want to buy, or you need money for another business? Here are a few ideas to use if you are looking to make some money as soon as this weekend.

Your stop at the local Exxon, which the bank considers as ‘Exxon Store No. 987654′ will enter an Exxon with the banks’ designation as a new vendor. Stops at more than one location will end up creating a new vendor for each location, each with the identification number at the end.

The 7th mistake is doing More information & transactions in public places. Using WiFi in hang out places offers you to go online and log on. This could prove dangerous as, anyone could access your account details using WiFi.

The third strategy for creating fast cash online is to market. Write articles of your own and submit them to the big article directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles, and others. The more the better. Make sure you have an author bio box with links to your blog in it. You will not be able to place your affiliate link in the bio box for most of the article directories, though some will let you. Also, be sure to get involved with social networking and bookmarking sites.

Google Checkout: Overall, Google Checkout is the best one to compete with PayPal. This site would take a lot of customers from PayPal if they did not have the monopoly on ebay traffic. This is currently being debated in court and if the outcome is favorable, then you would do well to trust in this service. Google Checkout has a processing charge of 2% and a $.20 transaction fee. If you have an Adsense account, you will not be charged for credit card processing. You are secure with google and since it is a very large company you know they will be around a long time.

When you open a bank account you should be looking to build a long partnership with the financial institution. Building a long-term relationship with a bank means you will one day receive preferred treatment. The next time you need a student credit card or other type of loan, you will typically qualify easier and pay lower fees because of the relationship you have built. Think of it this way: the sooner you open your bank account, the sooner you will enjoy preferred treatment.

For example, Wachovia (a Wells Fargo brainchild), says on its home page, “Free checking account. Apply now… 1 + 1 + 1 = Free. Free Checking. Free Online Banking…” Now there it is. The public can definitely open a free account. But the question is… how does each individual define the word “free”? Or what is one person’s concept of a free account? Is it an account that is totally without cost?

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Identity Theft Epidemic – Is Your Money Safe?

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