Pipe Welding – 3 Things You Need To Know About To Be Successful

Where did top people in all fields get educated, and get their start? The first Apple computers were made in a garage. Microsoft was started by a drop out. Dyson vacuums could get ZERO financing, so he bet his house on himself. Who taught him to design a vacuum?

Comfort is the key to welding pipe. Before jumping into the weld, find a position that you are able to sit, kneel, or stand comfortable without getting any cramps or shaking. I hate to say it but welding pipe is a lot like yoga! Many welds require the use of odd body positions and you must be able to hold them for the time that you are welding. When finding a body position you need to get comfortable and then visualize making the weld. Practice the weld without actually welding. This will prepare you mentally and physically for the position you will need to be in. At the same time it will expose any areas of the pipe that may give you trouble accessing before the actual welding of it.

Joint preparation typically requires the welder to prepare the materials that will be welded. In most cases there will be “weld test coupons” already prepared for you. Once you receive the coupons, they will need the mill scale removed from the weld area and bevel angles checked. After that they are tack welded together and rechecked again. Most More information procedures require a gap opening ranging from 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch. Then the test is put into position and cannot be moved from that position at any time during the test without the permission of the welding inspector.

You have what is often referred to as welding processes. Of course, certain processes are better suited to certain types of jobs than others would be. Welders favor the shielded metal-arc welding (Stick welding) process, and the gas tungsten arc welding (tungsten inert gas or “TIG” welding) process when they do pipeline welding jobs.

Be Careful, children driven by the dreams and aspirations of their parents can (and often do) end up with problems born of following someone else’s dream.

These are the students who just graduated from pipe school. They managed to certify at the end of school after welding 30 test joints or less. They can’t understand why they won’t be welding pipe any time soon, and why they are finding it hard to even get on as a pipe welder’s helper.

Have you ever said something like, “I hate salespeople” or “I would never sell anything”? Look, the one fact you and all of us have to face right now, no matter what anyone tells you, is that we are all marketing everything to each other. You are already marketing, you just may not be very good at it.

Friends, family and co-workers will think you’re nuts. The “system” programs us all to be good little drones, following along the path of all the other sheep. Honing all your efforts down to a laser focus on one thing is something only inventors, rock stars, famous artists and famous actors AND great pipe welders do. It will be up to you to make it through until YOU Own the Skill.

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Pipe Welding – 3 Things You Need To Know About To Be Successful

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