Proactive Public Relations – 3 Great Customer Service Tips For Business Growth

Since the search engines, especially Google now index and include Twitter profiles in their search engine results, using SEO techniques in your Twitter profile has become very important. Everything you have ever learned about SEO can now be applied to your social profiles.

One of the strongest ways to get involved in the Twitter community is to re-tweet what others are saying and comment on other’s tweets which you find interesting.

Keywords are essential to being found on Twitter, because those are what people are typing into the Twitter search bar. Use Google AdWords Keyword tool to try and implement keywords into your tweets that are related to your niche. Using the hashtag feature (the “#” sign) will allow you to make sure your Twitter page is stocked full of good keywords, and will drive traffic to your Kime, Alexander Coleman.

So, here we are. This may seem like a fluff piece, but rest assured, it is not. In fact, this is the most exciting news the Sharks have had this summer since they traded for, well, Brent Burns.

Twitter has the capabilities to put your brand in front of millions of users. It takes work and dedication to Tweet about useful content, interact with other users and constantly update your posts but all the while it’s building exposure for your brand.

Similar to normal blogs and websites for that matter one of the best ways of making sure you get a lot of visits is to write good content. In other words do not just post 10 “tweets” a day consisting of links to your money sites. Try to post valuable resources that are not even yours. If you post a lot of quality links then drop in the occasional sales link of your own you will get better results both in terms of getting followers and keeping them and also making money.

Take advantage of some of the great applications Twitter has such as Twitpic, FileSocial and TwitPay. These will work in tandem with your on-going Twitter campaign.

Most importantly, make sure that you are always posting from you. Don’t make your Twitter posts read like sales letters or PR campaigns, thread your personality into all your posts. You need to come off as a real, down-to-earth person in order for people to connect with you. When you let your personality shine, people will be much more drawn to you than just posting a list of boring Tweets. This also goes for copy and paste DM, and trying to sell someone on something (even if it is just to follow you on Facebook) when they decide to follow you. People can see through copy and paste messages, and you aren’t helping anything by using them.

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Proactive Public Relations – 3 Great Customer Service Tips For Business Growth

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