Some Thoughts On Thought Leadership Marketing

The other day, I was approached by a business man who said he hadn’t yet seen any economic results from his LinkedIn profile. When asked how often he reviewed his plan and engaged with others on LinkedIn, he said “I don’t have a plan but I visit the site every six months”. Unfortunately this is a common scenario.

The times have certainly changed. What would normally be profitable tactics for you and your firm would certainly change to ones that don’t work anymore. Tastes have changed, the desires have changed. But that shouldn’t discourage use. All you need are good sales leads. Using good business leads would certainly be a good thing for your firm, and one of the best ways to get them would be the use of pay per lead. There’s something about the choice to buy leads that makes it attractive to other firms. It really works, and there are many firms that can attest to its ability to deliver results that is almost hard to get. Thanks to pay per leads, many firms in the brink of closing down get a new lease in life. There are so many advantages when you use it for your firm.

Even if you are not where you want to be yet, your business would not be where it is today without the clients you have. The thing most people crave is appreciation and acknowledgment so this is a great time for you to thank you clients for their business.

Go the extra mile and don’t just put up a picture. Put up a “welcome video”. Tell your profile visitors about yourself and how your life’s become better because of your business opportunity.

#6 Teach your prospects to be good customers: You want customers who are educated about how to work with you, who will be happy, and buy from you again and again. Teach them to solve their problems and select the best solution for their needs. Your website is a valuable training ground where you can groom your prospects to be great customers to appreciate you.

They belittle people for buying leads to the point of “Only suckers buy leads” or “lead generation company systems scam people” or MLM has lied to you by selling you the notion of “tiny” checks….

Before I begin, know that this is so very important! This is the first thing Google looks at for SEO and the title is the first thing that your viewers look at. They are going to either look or pass that article by…and all within a few seconds. So If you are looking to get the article published by others, do this right!

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Some Thoughts On Thought Leadership Marketing

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