Squidoo Vs Hubpages For Article Marketing – Which Is Best?

Becoming an online marketer is a great way to make extra money or even a full income. I’ve seen people with zero internet and computer experience make large sums of money marketing online. The first thing you want to do is start looking for a company that you can affiliate with. There are thousands of different companies out there and choosing the right one could be the difference between success and failure.

Consider your squeeze page as a conscious entrepreneur page, trying to attract readers who are not already contained in your target market. You will definitely not get the long term people you want if you post pages that offer “get rich quick” schemes. Why? Because you will get lots of takers who want to get rich quick but not the type of people you want who simply understand that there really are not, any overnight rags to riches schemes out there.

When it comes to contact info, we know there are various types that you can provide. But, if you try to include everything on that tiny card, it would seem too crowded and may turn off your customers. Therefore, just put up the contact information that is absolutely useful to your business. Opt a logo for your card too to show that your company is actually a branded one. Business cards with authorized company logos may capture people’s eye as well.

Another trick to use sparingly is to put some keywords in bolding or you into italics, but avoid doing this on every page, etc. And that’s something you don’t see an awful lot, go check it out for yourself. It seems search engines will add a little more SEO weight to these words. But always remember that you should never overdo anything with SEO. So just a few times and that will help you out. Another good idea, because it helps, is to incorporate your primary and secondary keywords into your tags for H1 and H2. They’ll become more valuable and relevant for the search engines in terms of optimization. Always keep in mind that each page should be optimized for a primary keyword plus some secondaries.

How do you let people know about the services you provide (and more importantly the solutions you offer). What opportunities are there for you in your general area, that would be a good fit for you. Do you like networking, do you do any advertising, speaking, article writing?

Why should I believe you? Why should I trust your opinion? If you can show me why I should trust you, then you’re likely providing an honest review. If I research you, I need to be able to find positive results.

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Squidoo Vs Hubpages For Article Marketing – Which Is Best?

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