Stock – The Highest Form Of Commercial Photography

There are many different jobs out there in the whole wide world. There are jobs which rake in a huge amount of money, and also those jobs which earn enough just for you to be comfortable with your life. Lastly, there are those kind of jobs which you have to work hard to cover your rental. Earning through photography can be any of the above as well, depending on how successful you are. You can earn money as an amateur photographer. It requires passion if you want to make photography your job.

There are many challenges in stock and there always have been. Now I think with the evolution of technology and the ability for the entire world to pick up a camera for cheap and take a good photo is much easier than when I started. If 100,000 people shoot all year and each one gets 5 great photos that is 500,000 great images added to the market with little return for each of those 100,000 photographers. For the full time stock shooter that makes competing more difficult.

I feel it is time to make a change in that area of stock pricing and sizing. Either to bring up the prices on small web sized images or remove the small size all together. I do not understand why a printed publication pays more than a website does in this day and age. It should be based on something other then image size to establish the appropriate price point.

One good reason for shooting lifestyle is that after a few years the same shots need to be reproduced to keep up with social change. We chose lifestyle partially for that reason but also because we love working with people. They add to the days work so much,It is a team effort. From model to producer to photographer, it’s a blast. This year’s efforts are on creating believable slices of life that capture raw emotion and focus on a positive future in a global market. Boy, that was a mouthful.

Now stock photography is saturated with a gazillion photos…some of amazing quality…and a huge number of well-executed but repetitive lifestyle and business images. With crowd sourcing and the entry of non-professionals into the market through agencies like Istockphoto, stock is still the ugly stepchild of commercial photography toronto.

8-Understand that every agency is different and some have a certain expertise in the industry, make sure that your skills and goals match. The bigger the market the more specialized they usually are. Smaller market agencies must do a variety of work in order to keep busy.

Umbrellas are used by most portrait photographers, but not everyone cares for them. They spread relatively soft light over a large area, but have poor control. An alternative is a soft box, which creates a square catch light. If you do prefer an umbrella, make sure you get the biggest one you can. After all, a large umbrella can be positioned closer to the subject to give the effect of a smaller one, but a small one can’t act like a large one.

10). Don’t keep shooting for the sake of it. Your first goal should be to fulfill the brief your client gave you. Your second goal should be to exceed what they were expecting, but once you’ve done that stop. Your photographs are the most important thing in the world to you and you could no doubt stand there all day shooting more, but to the person being photographed it’s just one of a hundred other things they have to be doing that day so be considerate and aim to finish on time or before. You want to leave them with a good impression of you.

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Stock – The Highest Form Of Commercial Photography

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