Ten Great Teacher Gifts For The Holidays

The Spain or Mexico made and beautifully engraved early twentieth century Figural Bone ‘Gaudi Chess Set’ was highly inspired by the Art Noveau designs of 1850s-born Gaudi. With pierced and serrated bases it is capped with engraved tops, having shining colors painted on each with black and yellow highlights on the two sides respectively.

Metallic chess sets are also a popular choice. These can either be metallic pieces upon a wooden board, or the entire set can be metallic. There are a variety of materials that chess sets can be crafted from including steel, copper, wrought iron, and aluminum. The important thing is that the craftsman who made it paid attention to the details of the piece.

Just outside of the Children’s Museum in Boston is the Fort Point Channel at Children’s Wharf. Children can learn all about the boats on the channel and interact with them in a 28-foot 800 gallon replica of the channel located inside the museum.

When purchasing chess pieces, think about the size of the board. Match the sizes of your chess pieces and chess board carefully. Here’s a guideline to use: the diameter of the base of the king should be 78% of the width of the squares on the board. Also, your pieces should have a certain weight to them, to make them easy to use yet unlikely to get jostled easily on the board. Plastic pieces with magnetic weights might be a wise choice if you travel frequently.

If the actual item is not available, giving an item because you heard it mentioned in a often repeated story is a good choice; a Raggedy Ann doll, a Officialstaunton or a certain music CD comes to mind.

The Boston Children’s Museum was founded by teachers in 1913, making it nearly 100-years-old. The museum is dedicated to presenting fun play exhibits while teaching children about Boston and the world outside of Boston. It is located on Children’s Wharf, which is also a great place for kids to play.

Your style might be modern, or it might be traditional. You may be seeking a collector’s item, or you may be looking for something less expensive. Whatever your budget and home decor style, a chess set will surely enhance your home.

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