Top Fifteen Tips For Corporate Travellers

Okay, corporate travel fuels much of the travel industry. Sure you want to do your part for the economy but the economy is also helped when you save money. Here’s some ways I try to spend less money on business travel.

Authors note: This hotel wasn’t the best experience we have ever had. The rooms were a bit plain for what we expected, the location wasn’t ideal for wine country (surrounded by other businesses) and little things were wrong, like the shower door didn’t stay closed.

We went from a two-income household to one income, and my wife stepped “over” from a top travel corporate management agent to become a stay-at-home mom. As the last seven years are passed, my admiration has grown as I’ve seen her nurture, teach and lead our child as she grows up. And I have found many, many occasions to write brief treasuring letters for each of these treasured moments.

The neighbors called them the next morning, but by the time they reached home, there was no home. It was all ashes. Mrs Fawkes couldn’t control her incessant cries. And then it dawned upon them that they had nowhere to go now. The family lived in a hotel till a temporary house could be arranged. All the money went in cleaning the mess of the burnt house and renting a new, smaller, much hated house. The business also started suffering as there was no money.

Once you use LinkedIn more often you will see what other groups your contacts have joined as it will be revealed in the news feed. To get started simply click on the top navigation link ‘Groups’ and click the ‘Groups you may like’ option. When you sign up you are presented with a list of options that you can opt in and out of such as receiving group digests by email for example.

The reason it becomes so important to have WiFi available on tap everywhere today is that smartphones today are WiFi enabled. It’s not always about the laptop anymore. Everyone is able to use Wi-Fi, and lots of personal and business plans depend on it. But just because there is WiFi available on paper at every hotel room around the world today, it doesn’t mean that the connection is fast enough to support everyone who’s trying to get on board. Back in the US, there are about 5000 publicly open WiFi hotspots around the country.

Our company has a great departmental profit sharing plan that rewards our team of sales people for the margin that we bring in. Travel has been a sore spot for the corporation and the department as the expenses have gone up for travel and we have struggled with ways to cut back. We sell a service that is difficult to sell over the phone, typically requiring a couple of multiple day visits on-site to get a new project started. My next call was to our corporate team to let them know about how we can all save money on our corporate travel. Many thanks to the man who made the cold call.

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Top Fifteen Tips For Corporate Travellers

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