Trade Show Bags – Eco Friendly Giveaways

How early do you get up the day after Thanksgiving to hit the stores? If you’re like me, maybe the answer is never or do I have to, even though that means passing up a sale. But if you want to avoid the lines, the mad rush of people and stock disappearing before your very eyes, you can get a head start on all the Black Friday action before the turkey lands on the table. Or at least learn a plan of attack for Friday if you’re shopping but not for plasma TVs, video games, toys and all those hot items that create the rush at Walmart, Best Buy and the like.

Sunday, Free Rod and Reel to the first 1,500 children 14 and under. Weigh-In at Summit Arena at 5 PM Eastern. Free foldable, courtesty of Walmart.

Whole Foods Markets go out of their way to buy locally-grown produce and to feature it specially in their stores, sometimes with a feature on who grew it. They’re involved with a number of charities, including microcredit organizations in third-world countries. And every so often they have “5% days” where they give five percent of their profits away to a charity.

Want to place the blame for this fashion trend somewhere? Blame it on Twilight. In the hit movie, Bella wears a lightweight, hooded cargo jacket that looks so casual cool it has become an icon.

City Bike – Knowing how to bike in a city is a useful skill to have, especially in Boston where distances are generally short. Hopefully someday there will be designated bike lanes throughout Boston, but until then, city biking remains a skill to be learned.

It really is as simple as that. When creating your bag be creative. If you are using an old T-shirt with a design on the front, why not make the design the front of your bag. It will add an extra special touch to your bag. The same can be done with your kids clothes. You can create little shopping bags for your kids. This will allow them to help you at the grocery store by caring one or two items in their own little bag. Just be sure not to hand them their bag until you reach the checkout isle, or you may find a few extra groceries that you have to pay for.

Burts Bees Balm – In honor of Burt’s 25th Burt Day, this offer gives away 1000 free lip balms each day for 25 days. The website is giving away 1000 products for 25 days, at various times between 9:00 A.M and Noon. I’ve been trying since the freebie began and still haven’t gotten one! These are usually gone within 2 minutes so you’ll need to be quick on the draw!

You might think that these green, reusable wrapping solutions will be expensive. On the contrary, if you watch the sales, clearance section and bargain bins, you may actually spend less on these creative wrapping ideas than you would on disposable wrapping paper and ribbon. Happy Holidays!

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Trade Show Bags – Eco Friendly Giveaways

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