Traffic Blueprint – 3 Ways To Drive Traffic To A Website

SEO is ever changing, and as a business owner, you should conduct an SEO audit at least once or twice a year to ensure that your business website is properly optimized. Missing out on web traffic is no longer an option. We will be looking at on-page SEO and how this SEO audit can help you figure if your business is missing out on web traffic. Following these steps will get you started and give you an overview of your current SEO settings, and how you may be able to improve them. You should consult an SEO professional if you have questions.

Being an SEO, you have to give more time and dedication to optomize the site of your client. That’s the goal of an sSEO experts. Sometimes, they need to overtime in order to optimize the site. All the people can be an SEO expert, they only need to do is to give their dedication and welling to learn. If you are an SEO expert, you will learn all the thighs that you want to know.

This is how you can build your brand using your own words. Getting visitors there is only half the challenge, keeping them is a whole different matter.

You’ll be able to use a title, an image, and a short ad description to try and pull attention to get a high percentage of clicks. I could literally write a fifty page book on that subject. For now though, make sure you have the foundation laid before you drive traffic.

You need paid social to understand that a website’s success highly depends on its ability to solve several problems. This is what should separate you from the other webmasters. You’re creating a site to help people and after you manage to do it, you then earn some money. DON’T DO THE OPPOSITE. Don’t try to make money by helping people. I hope that you understand the crucial difference. If you motivate yourself only by money in order to help people you will fail because you’ll soon get bored. On the contrary, forget about money making. Create a useful website, help people and trust me, money will come.

The written copy also has to be engaging enough for the reader to follow a link, which leads back to your main site. It should be an interesting read that is relevant to the types of products or services you sell, possibly even mentioning your company specifically. It’s very difficult for one person to be able to write in this way for multiple articles.

Forum marketing. A lot of business people hang out in forums. Here is a great way to show your knowledge positioning you as an expert & every post you leave your signature with your link to your site are left at the same time and also a good place to meet new people that could possibly help your business.

XML Sitemap – It’s a file where all the pages of the website are listed that is available for users and crawlers. The basic idea behind xml sitemaps is to list all the pages of the website at single location as some sites have large number of dynamic pages and it may not be possible for crawlers to find and index them.

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Traffic Blueprint – 3 Ways To Drive Traffic To A Website

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