Water Damage Prevention In The Home

When a flood occurs it is never a minor issue. Water creates a path of destruction and disaster throughout the affected area. In your home it can create issues with the structure of the home, family’s personal artifacts and the health of those inside the home. Water from floods is often full of contaminants and sludge. Items throughout the home, no matter their value, are susceptible to the flood water whether it is one inch or ten. Carpets, walls, electric appliances and expensive furnishings can be destroyed with just an inch of water. Whereas deeper flooding will wreak havoc on the systems contained within the home. The more substantial the flooding the more likely the ducts, heating & cooling systems, homes structure and well could be affected.

8) All furniture, cupboards and drawers that can be opened should be. It is important to let those areas thoroughly dry out by removing all the contents and letting them air out.

Before ever starting with any restoration and cleanup process, you have to make your home as safe as possible. Turn off all electricity that is in the room of damage. You never want to put you, your family, or the service workers in danger.

Dry. Once the majority of the water has been removed it is time to dry out the rest of the house and belongings. High humidity can lead to the growth of mold and mildew that can ruin furniture, carpeting and the air quality of your home if not promptly addressed.

With the dehumidifiers they brought in, most of the wood moldings and drywall was saved. There was an issue with one patch of drywall in the corner that needed to be replaced. The Water restoration company company was able to replace that. We did hire a professional painter to come in after the area was dry and our belongings were out of the way drying to paint.

Mold spores are found in nature all the time. In fact we encounter and even inhale them probably every day with no ill effect. It is when the spores are encountered in heavy concentrations in an enclosed space (such as a basement) that they become an issue.

One particular of the worst factors that can transpire to any property owner, who has a wood floor, is h2o damage. Drinking water and wood never seem to combine and when it comes to wood floors, I’ve witnessed all varieties of hurt, and all types of different homes.

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